“Work to become, not to acquire.” —Elbert Hubbard

Career Growth is a necessity that all youths must make, a core to their career dreams. Have a planned path developed for yourself and make sure to work tirelessly to achieving it. People will only recommend a person whose career has grown to be of importance and is appreciable by all. Being a better you, should become the new normal for every single youth in Ghana and the world at large.

With these in mind, I was privileged to organize SEB FOUNDATION’s maiden virtual Capacity Building and Empowerment Symposium on the  theme: “ Career Growth- A Key to success in the Business Arena.

Indeed our able Speaker, Mrs. Eunice Gyimah met our curiosity with a salient lecture, not forgetting our able International Moderator Ms. Gifty Enyonam Manye- Enyonam Means Business , who wowed all participants with her PR skills and eloquence.

The success of the program cannot be conclusive without our God-given, hard working secretary,Miss. Priscilla Lamptey.

Kudos to the SEB Foundation team for their support in this symposium. We hope for a better tomorrow and to keep impacting lives positively.

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